Is this heaven? No, it’s a Juicy Lucy.

This last weekend, my boyfriend and I started getting into the conversation of heaven. Now granted, I had said this about the Juicy Lucy burger I was eating (and I still stand firm that the burger did taste like heaven), but we started musing about the concept of heaven and our religions and the Bible, … Continue reading Is this heaven? No, it’s a Juicy Lucy.

Beyond the paper…

Today was a typical Monday back in the newsroom. We had our monthly meeting, and we all had plenty to get to elsewhere and it started me off on a cranky foot. The thought of a Veteran's Day deadline was looming over my head, big time, and all that was happening was a bit of … Continue reading Beyond the paper…

What’s the value of a good book these days?

By Katie Mullaly As published in the Faribault County Register "What started out two years ago as a writing assignment for the Faribault County Register has turned into a personal journey through reading, intellectual stimulation, and female fellowship. The Mitchell Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle of Blue Earth has been around since 1883, when Julia Mitchell, … Continue reading What’s the value of a good book these days?

Weird Dream

I had a very unusual dream last night. I usually don’t record what I remember, but this one sticks out. I dreamt I was living in a town...a town with familiar people in it, but unfamiliar surroundings. In that dream, there was very vivid segregation happening. Whether it was poor vs. rich, men vs. women, … Continue reading Weird Dream