This beautiful young woman in the photo is me, Katie Mullaly. I live in a small town in south central Minnesota. It just so happens to be the same town I was born and raised in. What can I say? I like the way home feels. I went to college in Iowa where I received my degree in creative writing. Now, I work at a newspaper in said small-town Minnesota as a staff reporter and sort-of, kind-of okay photographer.

I currently live with my parents as well as my three cats Oedipuss Rex (he also goes by Rex the King), Opalescence Antoinette (she prefers Opal), and Oliver James Garfield Mullaly (Ollie for short). The majority of my close friends live within walking distance, and the town is small enough where everybody knows each other’s business.

What my friends and neighbors may not know (yet, I suppose) is that I suffer from major depression and extreme anxiety issues. What they see is a silly, goofball of a 29-year-old being funny and spunky and happy. What they don’t see is the constant struggle of trying to keep that happy face – insomnia, severe social anxiety, crippling negative self-talk, and a slough of other discomforts of the cranial convolutions that I am adherently stuck with for the rest of my life.

I am currently trying to bring balance to my life, which involves eating healthy, having healthy activities (which aren’t many, at times), as well as reading, writing, and socializing as much as I can without completely overwhelming myself. I enjoy cartoons to an unhealthy degree and can see myself probably discussing some of my favorites often. I also like reading and nature and a bunch of other crap I’m sure I’ll mention at some point.

This will be my place where my humor mixes magically with my anxiety disorders and creates perfect harmony for readers to either relate to or completely laugh at. Either is fine by me.

I suppose I should probably make a disclaimer that even though I work for a newspaper, the views and opinions shared on this blog are solely that of myself and my crazy brain and do not reflect the views of any other entity in any way, shape or form.

Now that that’s all said, I guess you can enjoy exploring the innards of my life.

Bon App├ętit.