O, dear brother, who makes his sorrows

hidden from plain view, but keeps them lit

like matches between his fingers

The anger seeps through each unrevealed step

confronting each lie you so plainly hide

from her

Someday she will no longer amuse you and

your attempts at fellowship.

She will see the bleeding anger in the

grit of your teeth, in the flash of your eyes

and in your silence, brother

O, in your silence, brother, you will watch the death

of kinship as she pushes away

like the tides push away from the shore.

Forever curdling the sweetest moments

Forever souring every song

Forever breaking the crest of our trust

while blindly feeding your monsters

in the dark, in the silence

you carry on your shoulders.

Pray you find freedom in your prison

Pray you seek solace in your solitude

Pray you share your heart before it swallows

you and, like a sinking ship,

buries us all in the sea of your sanctimony.

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