What to do?

Every once in a great while, I get these strange images that flash in my mind, like recaps of parts of a movie.

They’re the same images, but when I try to recall what the images are of, my brain can’t seem to put the images into words. But the images are of basic stuff. When those images pop up in my mind, like a sequence of a bad dream, my adrenaline starts to pump through my body, as if I am in danger. I feel my arms get hot, my chest and neck get tingly, and I continue to see these images.

The whole thing lasts under a minute, but the effects of it continue on for hours. I get uber sleepy. Clammy hands. And I can recall dreams that I’ve had over the past few nights in vivid detail.

I don’t know what they are, but they’ve been going on for a few years, usually when I haven’t been taking my medication on schedule combined with high stress. This time, it may just be high stress. Why does my body do this? It’s scary, and I have a harder time separating reality from these foggy, dreamy flash images in my mind.

I hate it. It’s scary. I feel so alone.


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