The Battle 

Not one, not two, but three friends have called me tonight so far. 

I have maybe 15 hours to myself for the first time all week and I won’t have an entire day to myself for probably a good three weeks. 

Not to mention the epic battle of my true past that I’ve been coping with. The pain, the sadness, the CONSTANT REPLAY OF IMAGES AND FEELINGS AND OTHER TRAUMA RELATED STUFF is so much to bear on top of the stresses of work and finances and watching your parents age not-so-gracefully. 

It’s a mountain of stress. And I have a mountain of emotions and shit to process on top of that?! I totally did not sign up for this. I wanted the scenic route not the black diamond climb. 

But here I am, facing the truths in my past and coping with it every day. Learning from it every single day. Keep breathing everyday. 

There’s got to be goodness somewhere in this valley. Something I can get my grip on to help me begin my climb. 


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