Tools to look back on

When you are triggered by what happened, my therapist told me to imagine someone intervening and saving me.

I chose Barney the Dinosaur as my savior.

He was the only creature I felt comfortable coming in at the 11th hour in my mind.


Dr. B says that our bodies remember trauma when our brains sometimes forget. So, when a smell or a feeling or a name or something comes up that triggers my trauma, it is wise to remember to take biiiig deeeep breaths.


Don’t dwell. It happened. It actually fucking happened, and I choose not to cover it up anymore, or burry it like I have. It’s happened quite a few times in my life. And every one of those events fucking happened. Do not diminish that they happened, but do not dwell on it either. Move forward.


She also told me that there’s like short-term trauma and long-term trauma. Depressive episodes are expected to be fairly frequent for a while. Make room for that time to cry or be sad or lay low or whatever. Just keep going.

Don’t let this ruin you. May this only make you stronger.


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