Fri Mar 31 12:36PM

Ollie is sharing the window with me today. He’s also enjoying the birds. Just like his sister. They came from the same family of kitties on my beloved friend Cait’s farm. And, for the record she’s also on that list of amazing women I mentioned in my previous post.

She’s an amazing writer. Super intelligent. Hilarious. Brave as fuck. Stunningly beautiful. The minute I met that girl, I knew she was going big places. We were able to enjoy each other’s company many times. God, that sounds like we did lesbian stuff. Not that lesbian stuff is bad! Shit. No. I’m just saying if you ever have the opportunity to befriend Caitlin Fillmore, do it. She has done so much good for feeling like I belong in a group of women who get me. I can just hear her now laughing at how much I adore her. She would then gently touch my forearm and say something elegantly witty like, “bitches get shit done.”

I didn’t know what I had until it was gone. She was an hour or so south of me and now she’s across the country. She’s living a lavish lifestyle of comfortable mattresses and high end dog parks out in California now. But my gurl is from Wisconsin, so the minute she’s home, I am wining, dining and sweet-carolining that woman. I am a cunt of a friend for not being able to see her before she left. I had the worst cold of 2016 and I missed it. I’ll be regretting that for a while. Thanks, anxiety.

Maybe I should name my anxiety Donald because Donald ruins everything.



Ok, so random story. I saw a quiz on Facebook that turned my mood fairly sour. So, naturally, I fixed it:

(I’ve removed the original content to protect the innocent.)

Child test. No coaching… just write exactly what they say!!
What is your name? …she won’t answer you. Her name is Opal. And she’s my cat.
How old are you? Meow
How old is mommy ? Meow
What is your favorite color? Meow
What is your favorite food? Meow?
Who is your best friend? Meow
What is your favorite animal? *makes chirpy noises at birds outside (no joke this actually happened bwahaha!!)*
What are you scared of? *watches birds*
What is your favorite show? Mow *chirp chirp chirpy*
What makes you sad? aaaand she ran off…
What makes you happy? My cats make me happy.
Where is your favorite place to go?…mrow? Ollie has entered. But seriously, rub it in that you have/can have kids by taking this quiz and posting it on Facebook. Your child wins most adorable person of the year, k?
What do you want to be when you grow up? I wanted to be a mom. I don’t get to be. I’m bitter. I feel robbed every day of that. And you’re rubbing it in my face. But also at the same time, please rub it in my face that you have made little people because I kind of want to live vicariously through you. Because I’m jealous. And bitter.
What does love really mean?
…This is a fucked up kid’s quiz. I don’t even know the answer to that.
So, what started out as a cute “look my cats are my kids lol” post, it turned bitter. That’s okay. Opal and Ollie weren’t really that into taking the quiz.



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