Thursdays are pretty cool

Thursdays are layout days at the newspaper. They’re better days than the anxiety-ridden interview days. So, I like Thursdays. They’re also kareoke nights in a city not far from here. I have to travel an hour to be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of shopping, movies, and any type of night life although a fairly questionable one at times (many trips to the boobie bar with friends– we simple southern Minnesota/ northern Iowa folk find boobie bars an ‘eventual’ portion of city shenanigan-filled nights).

I pay those women as well as I can because Lord (or Steve) knows I could not do what they do and deserve some damn full-on respect for doing what those beautiful ladies do. P.S. The sex market has been in our society since time began. Step off your damn high horse and quit acting like stripping/escourting/sex-trafficing/etc. doesn’t exist. It does. So dollars for everyone, damn it. Don’t judge me. (Yes, I’m usually talking to the small-minded folk that occupy the greater area of where I generally live.)

Anyway, Thursdays are kind of my favorite days. Fridays are usually pretty smooth as far as the newsroom goes and so I know I don’t have to be on high alert. And I may as well enjoy it while I can. So hurray for Thursdays! This evening I’m enjoying the greyness of early spring. It’s cold. Probably around 35 degrees, maybe? The window is open just a bit (to let the smoke out) so a crisp waft of air tends to present itself across my chest every so often. Good thing I have my Hello Kitty headdress on. Is it a headdress? Is it spelled headdress or head dress? Because I kind of feel like I’m wearing a dress on my head. I like to pretend it is a headdress. It’s like a hooded blanky cape-thing. Here. I’ll show you.

Photo on 3-30-17 at 7.11 PM

So, I’m just enjoying this quiet, grey Thursday. Completely content with life today. Just today. I don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring (and I sure as hell don’t want to open that barbaric can of worms!) and I can do nothing of what happened yesterday. So, here I sit. Comfortable with the gray. Enjoying some of Lizzo’s music (if  you haven’t listened to her, get on it. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Add you some ambiance while you read about my Thursday), burning some candles while using my favorite bowl. It has a dragonfly on it. (I’m obsessed with dragonflies. I have a tattoo of one, I have a necklace I wear every day of one, tons of cards and stickers, even nail wraps!) Opal is enjoying the fresh air with me. She thoroughly enjoys watching the birds in the neighborhood fly amongst the rooftops, just like in our other house.

I very much miss that house that we got to live in for a good year and a half. It was a very good year in that house. And now I have that taste of independence and want to get back what I had. Something to work towards. My one goal that I have right now. Just pay dem bills. Get out of this house. As much as I love it and my parents and the safety of being in my childhood home, it’s not my home. Ya’ll know. I don’t need to explain that freedom. Once you have it, you know  you have it. And it’s beautiful. Good times.

I’ll bet you a million bucks if I were still in that house I’d be doing the exact same thing. I love having windows open and just looking out into the street. It’s barely any movement here in this little bitty town. No traffic – foot or auto – but the birds are truly complimenting the lack of sound It’s been a long, quiet winter without them. And they are also complimenting the delightful Miss Lizzo. I think Opal likes her, too. She showed up right as I started playing my iTunes. But it could’ve been the birds, too. Or! Omg. It could’ve been because she, too, knew Lizzo + birds = heavenly. It’s probably true. Opal and I are besties.

Speaking of besties. Yes, I’m best friends with my mom. Who isn’t? I’m so proud of my mom. She went to a movie with my godmama tonight. (Who, by the way, is the inspiration behind my love of dragonfies. She tells a beautiful story of my godfather and her and the importance of dragonflies. It’s my favorite story of hers. And she’s my favorite person.) This is the first time since mom has been retired (October, so five months) that she’s been out with a friend. She visits her sister a lot, which is also great for her to do during the day. I just want her to enjoy life and not wallow in this damn house. I know she hates this house, so why stay cooped up in it? Now she’s not! Yay! Go mom! Go Godmama! Two of my favorite women. Include Lizzo and Opal and Stevie Nicks in that category. And Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. And Ruth Bader Ginsberg. And Elizabeth Warren. And Michelle Obama. And Beyonce and Adele. And Malala Yousafzai. And Maya Angelou. And Mother Theresa. And Diana Ross. And all the best women in the world. Which, by the way, is all of them. Except KellyAnn Conway. Gurl, you are in a time out.

Now that I mentioned that boob, I gotta smoke another….what rhymes with boob?


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