Everything is politics.

So, this will, unfortunately, be brief. And not edited. Though, I don’t usually edit any of my writing. It’s been a busy week here at our paper, and it has just gotten oodles busier with some serious news (which is good, it gets the creative juices a-flowing).

That being said, I just wanted to express my opinion on an open platform. You see, currently, there are some citizens in a city that I cover who are concerned that a public official is not doing her job. I hear the concerns of the citizens because what they’ve done is their right. They’re standing up for what they believe and that’s powerful, especially when there are numbers to back their cause. It’s what democracy is about, and I would not want to change our system for the world. However! Be that as it may, this public official in question (in my opinion) has done nothing but follow the laws that have been put in place and has followed through with a number of large projects that were needed for the city to flourish. These projects are not the kind of projects that see immediate satisfaction, but take time to see the benefit and the quality to the project. This woman has done a tremendous job of cleaning up a town that has been disheveled for YEARS. And she’s doing it. She’s making it happen, pushing project forward, writing grants, getting extra spending dollars for the city, etc. But she lives in a tiny town where things haven’t changed for years, and years, and years. It’s hicksville. It’s podunk. It’s Mayberry. It’s small-minded thoughts paired with big mouths. Again, I’m not saying that the citizens don’t have a right to feel that their city officials aren’t doing their job, but it just makes me wonder if it’s really the work this city official has done, or if it’s because she hasn’t been pushed around like past city officials, and is doing what needs to be done for the city, whether people agree or disagree. I don’t know. I can’t say one way or another. I understand what it’s like to be seen as power-hungry, and unprofessional and whatever. It’s not unprofessional when you feel you’re being personally attacked. There comes a point with every person that makes you break. I feel bad for this city official because for the years the girl has been in her position, she has not taken a sick day, vacation day, or any other day. And now, it makes me wonder if she’s using all of her sick days and vacation days to hunt for a new job. Part of me hopes so, because I know she deserves better, and the city she works for thinks they deserve better, too.

What sucks, though? The city isn’t going to realize how beneficial this woman is until it’s too late. This woman CLEARLY knows what she is doing and she’s basically been trying to do about 10 different people’s jobs because this town is so small, they can’t afford to hire people to do separate jobs for separate things, and this woman has to take them all on her shoulders. I just think there’s a huge gap between what the citizens think is going on in their town with this woman in her position and what she’s actually doing for the town and its citizens.


It’s my opinion. I have a right to my own opinion on my own blogging page and there it is. I think the citizens are expressing their right, but at the wrong people. The person they are bullying into quitting (basically) is not the bad person, but rather the ineffective persons around this woman who fail to carry their load of the work. People in this town believe that sitting on the city council is just showing up for meetings and looking pretty. These are paid city seats on the council, and the majority of these members (mayor included) don’t seem to care. They seem like they’re wanting to pick up a paycheck for nothing but showing up once a month. With the exception of maybe two individuals who have shown ME that they care more than other members of their council. I feel sorry for this town. I feel sorry for this woman in her position, painted into a corner through heresay and rumor; and I feel sorry for the townspeople, thinking that getting rid of one person will solve all of the city’s problems when really, I don’t know if finding another person to do a better job is possible.


Just my feels k bye.


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