Day 29 and 30!

Yaaay end of challenge! I have to admit though, I was terrible at it. I couldn’t find time every single day to write, and that’s rough on me only because I find so much joy in writing, but perhaps in the future, I’ll be able to find a way to better balance my schedule and see what comes of my writing.

That being said, it’s time to complete this challenge by answering its last two questions.

Day 29 asks, “What do you think people misunderstand most about you?” I have this feeling that people think I’m egotistical or demand the floor whenever I’m around people…a showboater if you will….and that may be true. I can see that from time to time, but really the only reason I draw attention to myself is to make people laugh and engage with each other more. If people hate that I’m egotistical, it gives them something to talk about, which keeps the conversation of life going and going. But what is truly misunderstood about me? Is that I’m not always as energetic as I lead on in public. I put on a huge front to hide what is really inside me – and that’s rage and anxiety of all shades and colors and all those other things. That’s what I think my CLOSE friends really don’t get. They don’t get how deep my anger is, how deep my fear is, and how unruly my anxiety really is. Just last night I was actually arguing with my friend about who was more messed up. How messed up is that? Good glory. I’ll give her the reign over the doomed spirits of the world. I’m trying to make myself better, and that’s where things really count.

Day 30 asks, “List 10 things you would hope to be remembered for.”

  1. My humor. If anything, I want to be known for making people laugh and smile.
  2. My selflessness. I do my best to give in whatever way I can. I hope someone notices.
  3. My affection for all people and all things. From animals to babies, I love them all.
  4. My writing. Call it egotism, but I hope someone, somewhere connects with my writing
  5. My silliness, my goofiness, my natural ability to connect with anyone under the age of 10 in the best ways.
  6. My Hello Kitty collection.
  7. My admiration for cats.
  8. My smile.
  9. Kindness.
  10. My ability to get down like the fat, white girl that I am!





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