Day 28

“What is your love language?”

So, I didn’t know there were actual love languages until I googled it. And, apparently, I’m a physical touch person. I took a really shitty quiz and this was my result:

“Hugs and kisses are so much better than any present, right? You are hopelessly romantic and could never date or marry someone who doesn’t like to snuggle on the couch or in bed each night. You enjoy holding hands anywhere and everywhere and think there is nothing sweeter than seeing an elderly couple doing the same. You understand that life is short and the best things in life are free!”

The only thing I agree with there is that last sentence. That part is true. But in all honesty? I hate mushy PDA! Why on earth would I have chosen this!? Maybe it’s true, I do like giving hugs. And I do enjoy high fives more than the average person. I thought maybe my love language would be like positive vocal reinforcement or something. I like hearing people say that I’m doing well, or I’ve done something right or whatever. That keeps me going, keeps me knowing that I’m doing what’s right. I dunno.



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