Day 23

“List your top 5 hobbies and why you enjoy them.”

This is so much better than yesterday’s question! But I do want to take this moment to make a small, and extremely obvious, disclaimer. I swear/curse/use foul language/ cuss/ etc. I do. I say “shit” a lot. I say “fuck” a lot more. And I’m pretty sure “damn” is so hardwired into my vocabulary that I don’t even notice it anymore. Yes, I have the mouth of a sailor and I’m happy to have sailed many seas with my sassy tongue.

Let’s continue.

Top 5 Hobbies in no particular random order, as my editor would say.

  1. Obviously, writing is a passion of mine, and I use a good chunk of my time to write, or make ideas, or write lists. Anything to do with pen and paper is what I’m all about. Or typing, can’t forget typing. Why do I like writing? Because there are days, maybe even weeks, where I go on feeling like no one has listened to a word that I’ve said. Some days, it’s just to get anger out on a page instead of at a person. Other times, I just do it to see what comes out of my pen. But when I first started writing? It was because I wasn’t being heard. I was the youngest in the family, I was the little girl. No one listened to little baby Kate. So I turned to paper. An object that cannot interrupt, tell me no, or put me down. The paper listens, and when its needed, it also responds (that’s when you read some of your old passages and realize how relatable you are to yourself!) I also like putting a lot of stickers in my journals, so count that in the same category. Maybe I’ll post some photos of my journaling!
  2. Reading. I hate being a 28-year-old fat, single woman in a small town in the year 2016. There’s literally nothing to do and no one is interested in doing anything fun…SO I have to make my own fun, and sometimes that fun comes from other people in the form of books. My library card has been used many times and will be used many more. Reading helps me escape this body, this mind, and this world. I probably couldn’t/wouldn’t want to live without it.
  3. Listening to music. Music brings me back down to earth, gets me out of my head, and allows me to feel my emotions without any permission needed. And I say it that way because sometimes, we’re confronted by our own emotions in a situation where we cannot emote them properly without offending someone, or getting off task at work or what not. Music, no matter where I am, creates a…well…a bubble (for lack of a better term) that allows me to just breathe and listen and maybe cry, maybe laugh, maybe get pumped the fuck up! But it makes me feel better. Thank you, music artists for doing what you do.
  4. I have recently gotten into walking. I enjoy it. I would enjoy doing more of it, and come winter, I don’t know what I’m going to do (perhaps an adventure in snow-shoeing?) Shoing? Shoeing? Shewing? I don’t know. Anyway, walking just helps me clear my head and focus on my body. It’s like a mindfulness activity for me. It feels good too, knowing that you conquered your walk and got all sweaty and rocked the fuck out of it. YEAH! I love walking!
  5. Sleeping. I know this one may seem like a cop-out, but for someone with anxiety, it’s not. I feel exhausted all. the. time. and sleeping is another means of escaping that constant stress. My anxiety gives me headaches, stomach aches, body aches; it triggers panic attacks which are their own pretty little picnic, but when I’m sleeping? There is none of that. My body is fully at rest, my mind is fully at rest, and I don’t have to feel like I’m trying to prove anything to anybody for once. Yeah, I try to prove myself to people everyday. I know I’m awesome, it’s other people that have to get hip to my groove.

On a separate note, things will be getting busier and busier for me, so hopefully, I’ll be able to continue to blog while things get busy, but come October, I plan on opening my blog so my writers in my class can see what my blogging style looks like. Or at least what it looked like at the beginning of September.

So yeah! Next!


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