Day 17

What is the thing you most wish you were great at?

This will be a short entry, by the by.

I have dreams about being able to play musical instruments. Pianos, violins, trumpets, saxaphones, guitar! Most of the music I play in my dreams are classical and jazz music, and if I could play either of those genres fluidly on the piano or the guitar, good LORD I’d be happy! I’d entertain at dinner parties and soirees and picnics, I’ve already got an okay singing voice, so learning to sing and play at the same time would be so great.

There is a piano at our local bar whose ivories I tickle once in a while and recently, I had a friend comment on my ability to play, which was adorable coming from a heavy metal drummer, but I seriously have little piano skills. I’d love to learn how to play Piano Man. God, that would be fuckin’ awesome for the bar.

Either way, it’s playing instruments. That’s what I most wish I was great at.


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