Day 14 and 15

I’m back to work, and naturally, my routine is being tested to get back to normal. After having stayed up until 2 a.m. last night and now having to concentrate on not sleeping this morning at work, I feel blogging is critical to my alertness. So, that being said, I am prepared to answer day 14 and 15 of my 30-day writing challenge.

Day 14: Describe five strengths you have.

  1. I have astounding empathy for people. I do whatever I can to put people at ease whether it’s laughing, hugging, talking, listening, or sharing, I do whatever I can to help a friend or a stranger know that they matter in this world.
  2. I am fairly organized (sans my finances haha!) I really enjoy being organized and thorough with my organization. Some would probably say that I am a “neat freak” but only at times, there are moments where I let my laundry cascade out of the basket or the dishes mound to the sky, but that’s pretty much it. I love organizing things and categorizing my items from biggest to smallest or in ROYGBIV, it’s just something that I enjoy.
  3. I will not give up on you. If you need something, I will do whatever I can to make that happen for you. If you need food, I’ll cook for you, if you need laughter, I’ll be a goober, if you need wisdom or strength, I’ll walk with you and listen to you. I do not give up on my circle. #squadgoals.
  4. I have an innate ability to communicate with kids of all ages. I am a huge kid. Literally and figuratively. I like bright colors, games, toys, cartoons, and I believe in fairies, giants, dragons, talking ponies, teddy bears, and all those in between. I like to keep up with youth culture as much as I can to be sure I know how to talk to kids. Because I know, from my own experience, that kids need someone to talk to besides their parents and besides their own aged friends. It hasn’t let me down yet!
  5. I can bounce back. Living with depression and anxiety, things often overwhelm me and get the best of me. I can get really down; down into the deepest depths where things look as if they’ll never come about, but they do, and I, too, come about. I have always been able to find the silver lining in a cloudy sky, and I hope I never lose that strength. I kinda need it.

Day 15: If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

My go-to “if you were an animal” animal has always been a manatee. I feel like they’re the gentlest creatures and the closest things we have to mermaids. And if I were a mermaid, I swear I’d look like a manamaid. (That’s manatee and mermaid, btw.) But really, it’s because manatees are so rare, so beautiful, so gentle, and still so very endangered and ravaged by man. That’s how I feel sometimes, not physically like they are by speed boat propellers and other oceanic equipment, but by people. I’ve been let down enough, been through enough, that I, too, have plenty of scars they just didn’t come from boats. And they’re rare (unfortunately, becoming rarer) and so am I. There’s only one of me. And though I don’t need protection from the World Wildlife Foundation, sometimes it’s a little lonely being the only person that understands me. Of course, some people understand me to a certain degree, but I hide a lot of things from people – feelings, opinions, etc. – and though I can be extroverted at times, I’m a mostly introverted person (some people find this hard to believe) and being an introvert can get lonely. And I imagine many manatees are lonely too. So yeah, MANATEE POWER, AWAY! *wiggles her stumpy tail fin thing and bobbles along in the shallows of a body of water*



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