“your friend is hot”

Sent via text message from another friend after a long night of drinking.

Dear people of the universe,

Do not send this to any of your friends who may or may not have hot/available or unavailable friends. THIS MAKES THINGS SO AWKWARD. I’ll forever feel that this man is on the prowl for one of my best buds. It’s just weird, and unnecessary, and to be completely honest since nobody reads this blog anyway? He wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell at her because he’s the exact opposite of what she looks for in a guy.

I spent most of my evening making sure everyone got home safely, which is why I’m up at 2 a.m. blowing my frustrations out on the keyboard, and to get a text like that from someone, regardless of who, is just so far beyond what I needed to hear.

So please, universe, spare us your feelings on what you think of your friend’s friend and keep that business locked up. Or at least poured out onto a blog that nobody reads later on. And if we’re being completely honest? It hurts SO much to hear that someone is basically saying that “you’re no match for your friend in the ‘looks’ department.”



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