When self-care backfires

Welp. It is now Friday, and I have a full blown cold. Double ear infection, terrible cough, and every damn sinus that I have is so inflamed, it’s like a bag of marshmallows before the bag is opened.

This whole sick thing just started yesterday morning. I woke up and it felt like I had swallowed a Norwegian Ridgeback dragon! As the day progressed, I felt the congestion coming on, and I took some decongestants last night to try and get some rest, but I didn’t fall asleep until midnight or so. (And, to be frank, I think that’s what has caused this- lack of rest!)

So, today, thankfully, was a short day at work. My co-worker Cody and I got everything accomplished by 10:30 or so, which I am very thankful for. Then I made an appointment to go see a doctor, any doctor, to get some antibiotics. I know my body best, and without fail, every time I get a cold, I get an ear infection. I’ve had my tonsils and adenoids taken out, I’ve had ear tubes put in, but I still get ear infections. 28 years worth of ear infections, so I know when they’re coming and right now? As I wait for my prescriptions to be filled at the pharmacy? The double ear infection of doom is making itself very known to me.

And yes, when I’m sick, I become an infant. Anyone who asks? I’ll tell them I’m sick. I’m a total baby. But, like I said, I know what my colds do to me, and I know this thing will be gone by Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday. Until then, it’s lots of tea and lots of soup and lots of naps and lots of kitty snuggles. And lots of Netflix.

Plus, I go deaf with these ear infections. It’s the worst part. I can’t hear people talking at all. Literally, people get very frustrated with me when I’m sick because a) I can’t hear them when they talk and b) I don’t know the volume of my own voice when I’m sick, so I either talk too quietly or too loudly. It’s great.

Now, I’m just waiting for the pharmacy to call.

Soup for days!


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