Insert obligatory welcome message here

Welcome, one and all. To the strangers in the universe reading these words, hi. I’m Katie. I live in a tiny town of 3,000 or so people and I write for our local paper. No, I don’t have a husband, or children, but I do have three cats. That’s something, right? I also suffer from major depression and a host of anxiety disorders. That’s where this blog comes in. I’m hoping to write about my experiences through the eyes of anxiety with the rose-colored glasses of humor.

See, what I usually tell people is that I wear a mask. This mask helps me get through an ordinary day without having meltdowns every three minutes due to my horrendous social anxieties. Working as a “roving reporter” is not easy when the one thing your brain tells you to do most is avoid every single person on the planet, and your job is to talk to and ask questions about every single person on the planet. See the dilemma?

This will kind of be my safe space. I will be able to remove my mask that I wear every day and write through my experiences – the ones I don’t tell everyone. The ones everyone can’t see. The ones that may seem a bit crazy. But what’s considered crazy, hm? Well…probably me, but that’s a moot point. My job as a writer, in a very small town, is to write, obviously, but part of that is to be as unbiased as possible – to not have an opinion, in other words. And, that’s pretty much impossible for me.

I am a passionate human being. I am pretty sure I’m like 20% bone, muscle, blood and stuff, 40% anxiety, and another 40% glitter and mushy feelings. It’s gross. But, it’s also beneficial. Especially when it comes to lending a loving ear to close friends. And yes, even though I have major anxiety issues, I still have friends.

So, this is where the adventure begins.


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