Describe What Happiness Means to You

This is a big question for a simple blog prompt, but I am going to accept this challenge. Webster’s definition of happiness is: 1) a: a state of well-being and contentment: joy; b: a pleasurable or satisfying experience. 2) Felicity, aptness// a striking happiness of expression 3) obsolete: good fortune: prosperity// “All happiness bechance to … Continue reading Describe What Happiness Means to You

2020 intention: to write more on the blog.

It's been quite some time since I wrote publicly on the ol' blog. Are blogs even a thing anymore? Either way, last year (2019), I set some intentions to write outside of my usual scheduled writing for work. AAaaand I noticed that this intention did not necessarily come to fruition in the way I expected. … Continue reading 2020 intention: to write more on the blog.


O, dear brother, who makes his sorrows hidden from plain view, but keeps them lit like matches between his fingers The anger seeps through each unrevealed step confronting each lie you so plainly hide from her Someday she will no longer amuse you and your attempts at fellowship. She will see the bleeding anger in … Continue reading Piracy